September 11, 2005

                                    Romans 1:18-32



The more I study and try to relate what I study, the more

I am convinced that the "secrets of God" are obtained

"one on one" with God,  not man to man.  Man to man

is a concession that man will not go to God to get it first



I believe that we are living in the latter days of which

the Bible speaks  - it is a time of great apostasy and a

departing from God - a time of great wickedness and

not only the spirit of antichrist but the appearance of

the personage himself.


Daniel 12:1, 9-10


Before going to our lesson today from Romans 1:18-32,

I am going back to Daniel - (excerpts from uncovered

previous lessons - chapters 8-10 highlighted in red in



(See Daniel 7-12 - pages 7-12 if interested - they are not

highlighted - it is more of a study of Daniel than Romans)


Romans 1:18-32




v. 18 - When the Name of the Lord was proclaimed

            before Moses - Exodus 34:5 - it was of One not

            only "merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and

            abundant in goodness and truth" but also

            "that will by no means clear the guilty"


This last attribute is the same as what we mean

by the Divine wrath - this wrath is said to be

"revealed from heaven"


This truth is burned into the Bible from the

first to the last - that God is angry with sin -


"God will judge the righteous, and God is

angry with the wicked every day" - Ps. 7:11


"ungodliness and unrighteousness of men"


"men who hold the truth in unrighteousness"


"hold" - a firm hold, having but suppressing it


The suppression of truth and its conversion into a lie?


Light granted. Light rejected.  Wrath revealed.


"Ephraim is joined to idols:  let him alone"


"for this cause God gave them up" - vs. 24,26,28


vs. 19-20 - The gospel is not a revelation of wrath

            but just the opposite.


Grace - Mercy - Forgiveness - Plenteous Redemption



"Today is the day of Salvation" - "Whosoever will

   may come"  - "Taste and see"


We have the light of God's written Word concerning

which the voice of nature is silent - Mercy of God -

a Saviour's redeeming love - Immortality - Heaven


God's Two Volumes - Psalm 19 - nature and Scripture -

Mr. Spurgeon said "My Father wrote them both"


"God hath shewed it to them"


Heb. 11:3


Let us remember how God has assumed human

form in the Person of Jesus Christ, and enabled us

to know Him through the radiance of a perfect life!


Outwardly in nature - Inwardly in conscience


Beware lest we underrate the clearness with which He

has written his autograph on the laws of nature, and

on His chief product - man.  GOD'S SIGNATURE IS



"without excuse"  - willfully rejecting light -


THOUGHTLESSNESS - Dan. 9:13c  - "that we

might turn from our iniquities and understand

thy truth"


No valid reason for their ignorance about the way

of salvation and path of duty - a fair description

of the human race is "they all with one consent

began to make excuse"


All men were originally endowed with a like

capacity of knowing God.


When men allow this endowment to atrophy

the next stage is moral degradation and is a

judicial consequence of the dishonor done to God.


The final stage is utter wickedness and

unnatural vice that is PREVALENT and

CONDONED in the boasting hearts of the

so called enlightened.  How lightly thought of -

these passions of infamy!  Foolish sit-coms -

talk shows.


As detailed in vs. 21-32!


The degradation of the heathen/a Divine judgment

The degradation of America/LIKEWISE


v. 21 - Belshazzar - Dan. 5:24c

"and the God in whose hand thy breath is, and

whose are all thy ways, hast thou not glorified"




vs. 22-23 - Downward evolution - Scripture ever

            represents the human race as having fallen

            and become degraded:  not as having risen

            gradually to any intelligent conceptions of God

            at all.


The lie substituted for truth shunts man's behavior

to a descending plane which lands him in moral chaos

& ruin.   "They that make the them (idols) are like

unto them; so is everyone that trusteth in them"

                                    Psalm 115:4


vs. 23-25 - Conversion of truth into a lie.


v. 28 - as they did not discern to have God in

            their knowledge, God gave them up to an

            undiscerning mind





The Jews rejected that heavenly light.


France rejected the light when it expelled the

Huguenots, the God-fearing portion of its population.

(my grandfathers on my mother's side were French

Huguenots - Chadouin - thus Shadoan)




Spain did the same when by the Inquisition it

exterminated all who dared to prefer the pure light

of the Divine Word to the darkness and superstition

of Rome.


rejected/unworthy of the prize


The role of UNBELIEF - Heb. 3:15-19


vs. 29-31 - sinners become reckless as well as reprobate -

            disregard of restraints and obligations


From bad to worse - punished in their sins - not

reformatory but manifestedly judicial -


Psalm  90:11-12


thanatos - death - the penal consequence of unatoned

            sin - reprobate in mind - not done occasionally

            under temptation but are habits of people's

            lives - even condoned and approved - no

            general protest or indignation in society

            against the prevalent abominations.


*Abortion on demand is the spirit of antichrist

*The issues in the present vacuum of replacing

  two justices on the Supreme Court is the spirit

  of antichrist.

*The flaunting of the gay rights movement is

   the spirit of the antichrist

*The American Civil Liberties Union's attempt

  to eradicate religion from the public is the

  spirit of antichrist.

*Sunday Alcohol Sales in Christian County is

  the spirit of antichrist


"wrath revealed from heaven"  -  Rev. 6:12-17