Romans 1:1-17

                                 September 4, 2005



This lesson is occurring after the week of Hurrincane

Katrina - I plan to talk about some things that are

very sensitive but necessary to the well being not

only of bodies but of souls.  I plan to do a short

exposition on Romans 1:1-17 with emphasis on the

"power of God unto salvation" which the gospel is

and some from the book of Daniel which we recently



v. 1 - Acts 26:16-19                Matthew 28:18-20



vs. 2-3 -    Luke 24:25-26, 44-49     Acts 28:23-28


vs. 4-6


vs. 13


vs. 14-17


v. 9 - The Holy Spirit - control - reading to

            Ms. Augusta on the 26th - comparing wine

            and the Holy Spirit




You hear a lot about the government today - gas prices,

help for hurricane victims - groups vying for control -

The Apostle Paul and other missionaries have

done their job - America could be but apparently is not

what the scripture talks about in Jer. 31:31-34


"thou shalt not steal"

"thou shalt not kill"

"thou shalt have no other gods before me"

"thou shalt not commit adultery"

"thou shalt not bear false witness"


Microsoft Works does not even recognize the

word "shalt"


Government's involvement in education - use to

be delegated to the states -


Talked to a man at Knockem Hill yesterday -

a plan to put up the Ten Commandments at

Heritage Christian


New Orleans, Louisiana - Ten Commandments

would have benefited entrepeneurs, individual

with rights who have had their body violated

this week.


Prov. 6:30-33 - adultery much less rape



Pulpit Commentary on Prov. 6:30


Yet secularist who are bent on neutering

Christianity will suffer the consequences  - a hell of

own making - Daniel notes p. 15 vs 24-32


Where we are heading - Daniel 3 notes in brown


                                    ch. 3


Notice the secular power requirements -


v. 2


v. 6


v. 7


v. 12 - ch. 2:49


v. 15 - another chance


"who is that God that shall deliver you out of my



vs. 17-18 - their answer


vs. 19-20 - where secularism is going - never miss

            an opportunity to compare fundamental

            Christianity with fundamental Islam.


The Lie


vs. 21-23


vs. 24-25  - God with us


vs. 26-30



Refugees were warned to get out - heard of a

college student who was misled by college

announcement - someone would come but they

never did


Political criticism of government reaction yet

everyone knew three days that it was coming -

some parties organize their base to give anyone

a ride to the polls - why not get them out for

their lives?  "Lead or get out of the way"


I thought it interesting that Thursday night

as I was  contemplating the lesson and with

the events weighing heavy in my thoughts -

the term "Biblical Proportions".


Friday after a round of golf I came in and fixed

myself a sandwich and turned on the TV to

hear the term "Biblical Proportions"


Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were right about

9/11 but in this age of left-wing political correctness

they were shouted down even to almost recanting.

But they were right.


Hurricane Katrina was an act of God - (insurance

contracts)  Big Easy a sinful city - do people know

better - WWL - AM 970 - drawn on Sunday nights

to a church program - casinoes  - get rich quick -

God said work -


neglect - Heb. 2:3


v. 13 - "willingly ignorant"


v. 17 - unbelief widespread in our day?  if not in

            belief, then certainly in action.


Harold Kelly - library - Thursday - talking about

situation  - grief counseling - comment about the

devil working - an individual said you don't believe

in a devil do you?


Ezekiel 14:21 - "my four judgments"



New Madrid Fault - we live in it  - the tsunami in Asia,

now the Gulf Coast of the United States -


Luke 21:25-28


Matthew 24:7-8 -  "And nation shall rise against nation,

            and kingdom against kingdom:  and there shall

            be famines, and pestilences and earthquakes

            in divers places.  All these are the beginnings

            of sorrows"


Last week I mentioned II Chron. 7:14 -


Our prayer - all highlighted verses from Daniel 9:4-19