Valuing Human Life

                           January 21, 2001



Right to Life - Comes directly from God who

“breathed into man the breath of life and he

became a living soul”


No man or woman has a right to abort the life

of a child under any circumstance.


I agree with Jim Dozier Adams, a local radio

personality who says “There is no situation so

bad that killing an unborn child will make it



No one has the right to ask “why have you made

me thus”?


II Cor. 5:10 “For we must all appear before the

judgment seat of Christ that we may receive the

things done in his body, according to that he hath

done, whether it be good or bad”.


This is one of those lessons, this is one of those



Fred Bush Story


If not serious, it is hilarious.




If serious, it shows the evidence of how the

Word of God cuts and puts us on once side or

the other.  Example of asking students in health

if they had their minds made up about smoking,

drinking, sexual involvement.


Story of the rich man in hell and his family.


“tho one arose from the dead”  Luke 16:27-31


People’s choices, People’s Ways - set in them.


Short Chris Weber Story


Today Abortion on demand and gay rights

dominate the agenda especially under a free

press which opts to put out lies from Satan,

the Original Lier.


One lie is that life does not begin until separated

from the womb, another lie is that a dimple in a

chad equals a pregnant chad therefore a vote.


I guess either way it is counting your chickens

before they are hatched.


Examples: ABC, NBC, CBS refer to pro-life

people as “extremists”, “fanatic”, “anti-abortion”

as opposed to pro-life, they are identified as

Catholics, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, or

“the radical right”.



Yet they refer to abortionists as “pro-choice”,

“deeply committed”, never anti-life, extremists,

left-wing, or atheists.  They reject pictures -


This week, Ted Kennedy, ACLU same name

for gay marriages, yet want to disbar Ten



Though one arose from the dead.


There are two of those ten that are of especial

import here and they are back to back, numbers

six and seven.


“Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not commit

adultery”  Exodus 20:13-14


These two flies in the face of abortion on demand

and those who espouse it.


Remark to some adults six weeks ago, if I called

their name, you would recognize.


I made the statement that abortion was directly

related to sex and they took issue very quickly.


The real issue is: Is God, God, or is man god?


Coming back from Lexington last Monday

the discussion on WLS in Chicago.


Reasons Ten Commandments are not to

influence and the other complaining of their



Immediately thereafter there was a commercial

advertising sex drugs. 


I say there is a conflict of interest, there and other

places.   Money.


Matthew 4:8-9  Oldest trick in the book.  Thank God

Christ did not succumb.


Ignorance - destroy those who are the preserving of the

earth - Matt. 5:13-16.


Someday God will destroy those who "destroy the earth" -

Revelation 11:18


Jeremiah 7                  Matt. 5:17-18             Rom. 8:5-13


v. 4 & 8 - “lying words”


v. 10 - “we are delivered to do all these abominations”


Lev. 18:19-30  five sexual impurities which bring loss of 

individual and loss of nation.


Illicit love affairs - Prov. 7:22-27  “knoweth not

that it is for his life”


There is no sense in illicit love affairs - Prov. 5:15-23


Proverbs 30:19-20


Ezekiel 16:20-21

The Lord has never required the fruit of your body

for the sin of your soul!


Jeremiah 7:24-28

v. 29 - The generation of the Lord’s Wrath


v. 34







Attitudes - Jer. 7:10b “we are delivered to do all

                        these abominations”

Man’s philosophies - Ezekiel 9:9, 8:12


“Righteousness exalteth a nation:  but sin is a

reproach to any people”  Proverbs 14:34


Ps. 9:14-19  meditation & reflection - think about it


Jeremiah 32:30-35


Isaiah 3:1-5, 8-14a


Ezekiel 9:1-11      in reference to 8:12-18


Jeremiah 19:1-7a, 10-12, 13-14, 15

(Modern solution - Rev. 19:17-18)


By breaking a piece of pottery Jeremiah

was foreshadowing the ruin impending over

Jerusalem for the idolatry that was practiced

in the valley of Hinnom - the sins here rebuked

are the unexpiated abominations of Mannaseh’s

reign - ch. 15:4


If there would be a repentance nationally in

the order of the hupla over the inauguration

the Lord would fulfil his promise in II Chron. 7:14.


But no, man thinks he is god.  Ps. 50:21


Compare Ezekiel 8:12-18


What the Word says, “Do you believe it?”


Humpty-Dumpty sat on the Wall -


President Clinton’s remarks about some

may have done a better job but no one had

as much fun -


May be that is why the Bible calls it “rising

up to play”  - I Cor. 10:7-8  Exodus 32:6-10.


Jeremiah 20:1-6


v. 4 - “terror on every side” - an object

of general horror - Rev. 19:17-18


In New Testament called Mystery Babylon


The realm of the anti-christ

The popular Left Behind series by LaHaye & Jenkins